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About Us

LM Equestrian Center was built with a focus on providing a safe and supportive environment that anyone can benefit from. Our main goal is to provide equal opportunities to youth in care as well as their care givers.

If you want a team that has seen all sides of the foster care system, and then some, then you have hit the right spot!  Mix this with a love for working with horses and a passion to help those who need it the most, and you have LM Equestrian Center.

We were created to help fill the shortcomings that youth at risk and youth in the foster system are left with.  Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) has been a proven method to help teach and foster the development of life skills.  After seeing it first hand, we wanted to open up our own center to continue to help those in the Wellington area.

Our Stories


Heather is the heart and soul of this program. It was her vision to help all youth meet their full potential and she has continued to support it in every possible way.  She directed a youth drop-in center for 7 years prior to becoming a foster parent. Her and her husband fostered teenage girls for 7 years afterwards and continue to offer their advocacy and support to all those who have been in their home. She has extensive experience with working with youth in care who have FASD and RAD.

Heather graduated nursing school with a passion for helping those affected by cancer.  She provided in home care for her Mother and both her Mother & Father in Law during their battles.  Recently, Heather signed on as a volunteer for Wellington Hospice and she continues to find passion in helping patients and the families within the cancer community.



Leanne has well over 15 years of working with horses and riding experience. Everything from cleaning out stalls, to working in a therapeutic program, to showing horses in the Hunter ring. Being adopted herself, youth in the foster system have always held a soft place in her heart. It is a goal of hers to provide youth a safe place to learn and grow, and most importantly, enjoy horses.  

After obtaining a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and serving 5 years in the Canadian Army, she truly found her passion was tied to her dreams as a little girl - working with horses.  Recently, Leanne's family was affected by cancer.  As one member became diagnosed with it, another member just so happened to start a career with a chemo clinic.  Getting to see both sides at the same time truly showed just how important and strong the cancer community is.

Leanne currently runs all Equine Assisted Learning sessions, and riding lessons. She is a certified EAL instructor and fully insured as both an EAL instructor and riding coach.

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