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equine assisted learning (EAL)

  • Hands on, practical way of learning life skills with horses

  • Promotes leadership skills

  • Encourages self confidence 

  • Allows everyone to have their own learning experience & self growth

  • Anyone can participate


     Equine Assisted Learning is a way of using horses to help us visualize and grow the development of our life skills. There is no riding involved and absolutely no horse experience is necessary to participate.


     Participants will work individually or in groups along with a horse during each session. Trained EAL facilitators are then able to observe non-verbal communication of the horses and help provide the parallel for real world applications.

     The hands-on approach to learning creates a more captivating environment for all participants and leads to a greater understanding. Each session is designed to focus on different life skills such as communication, leadership, trust, boundaries, and of course, teamwork.

Why horses?

     There are endless reasons why horses have been the prime choice for Equine Assisted Learning and therapeutic programs. Despite their large size, they are one of the most loving and intuitive creatures. Being a prey animal, horses are very tuned into our body language and emotions and give instant and honest feedback.  

Horses can know the difference between a calm, non-threatening approach, and a worried, anxious one.  The way a horse reacts will often tell us more about ourselves than a typical human interaction ever could.

It is often said that a horse is the window into our personalities. This honest behavior is the core of all EAL programs.

WHo is Eal for?

EAL is beneficial to anyone who is willing to grow and learn more about themselves. It offers an open, safe and holistic environment that many children and adults find relaxing and therapeutic in it’s own way. It can be offered in group settings up to 4 people or in one-on-one sessions. Absolutely no horse related experience is required.

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